Wyedean Damp and Mould Control

Consultants and specialists in the treatment of rising damp, woodworm, penetrating damp, condensation and toxic black mould with over 30 years experience in the damp-proofing and timber treatment industry. Free no obligation damp surveys/quotes for house owners, landlords,letting agents. We install new damp-proof courses and carry out timber treatments which are guaranteed effective for 20 years. We also have various treatments to cure condensation dampness and harmful black mould growth.


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About Wyedean Damp and Mould Control

We have been treating dampness in houses for over 30 years and come across all different sorts of dampness. Sometimes it will be rising dampness which can be cured by the installation of a new damp-proof course.
There are several different types of damp-proofing that we offer vary but it is mainly a silicon damp course which can be injected into the walls under low-pressure which transfuses into the capillaries of the masonry, lining the pores of the brickwork or stone with a hydrophobic layer which reverts capillary action and therefore prevents further rising dampness.Plaster affected by damp often needs to be replaced with a waterproof render or a renovating plaster. We can carry out these works or you or your builder can undertake the plastering and provided our specifications are followed then we will still issue our twenty year guarantee.

We also carry out pre-purchase damp and timber surveys for clients buying older houses where possible damp and timber defects have been noted by a surveyor.
Often there are no serious problems but we can carry out damp and timber survey and let you know if any works are required. If there is no dampness or timber decay we will state this in our report and this will satisfy your lender about the integrity of the house regarding dampness or timber decay.
The cost of a damp survey is £50 and the cost of a timber survey is also £50. A combined damp and timber survey is £75. These fees are deducted form any work we may carry out but often no work is required and we often save our clients thousands of pounds

Condensation dampness is an increasingly serious problem in houses and offices. It affects over 50% of buildings in the UK. Accompanying condensation dampness is an increase in the presence of mould growth and many of the household pollutants. Positive Input Ventilation units (Dampbuster) along with our Passive Ventilation Units (Mouldbuster) are a cost effective and guaranteed way to control condensation and black spot mould problems.
The DRIMASTER provides whole home ventilation using the Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) principle. This form of ventilation is becoming increasingly recognised as the "best value" approach to ventilating a home. Essentially, the concept is to introduce air to the home at a continuous low rate encouraging movement of air from inside to outside. A single unit situated in the loft space will normally be sufficient to continuously dilute, displace and replace the old contaminated air in the home with drier,warmer and filtered air. The result is a significant contribution towards providing a healthy, condensation dampness free, energy efficient home. With only one electrical connection and no trickle vents normally required, the installation costs for this type of damp proofing system are generally less than for a conventional set of extract fans with trickle vents – and the entire home benefits from the ventilation provided.


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