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Demolition Operating throughout the UK, Westwise offers a comprehensive demolition service on projects ranging from single-dwelling properties through to large-scale inner-city commercial developments.


  1. Waste Clearance

About Westwise Projects Ltd

From the initial enquire to practical completion, we aim to deliver a single point of contact for all our clients’ demolition requirements.
Westwise Projects Ltd is an experienced demolition contractor providing industrial demolition and dismantling for manufacturing facilities, as well as specialising in precision demolition projects for pulp mills, power plants, and chemical plants and industrial strip-out services.
We have consistently proved ourselves by operating with a low safety record and a high on-time completion record. We take pride in working closely with construction firms as contractors to complete all types of demolition projects, including:

• Asbestos surveys and removal
• Strip-outs
• Demolition and deconstruction
• Emergency demolition
• Buyers of large mills and steele buildings
• Industrial dismantling
• Facade retention and temporary works
• Materials management and recycling
• Ground remediation
• Bulk excavation and earthworks


Health And Safety


All our operatives are fully trained in all aspects of demolition by the National Demolition Training Group in conjunction with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) with particular attention being paid to Health & Safety, and Environmental issues.


Our Health & Safety Policy outlines our general commitment to safe working.
Each individual project begins with a Pre-project Health & Safety Plan containing a Risk Assessment detailing the potential hazards and the systems that Westwise will implement to overcome them, together with a Method Statement containing details of the works procedure. Risks are monitored throughout the project and methods of work updated as necessary
At Westwise we recognise our responsibilities regarding the environment and are constantly reviewing and updating our policies to ensure the most up-to-date demolition plant and techniques are used to continually reduce the overall impact on the environment. Our environmental management systems address issues such as energy consumption, recycling, emissions, noise, dust, vibration and the use of materials from sustainable sources. At least 85% of demolition arisings are recycled.

All demolition work carried out by the company is done so in accordance with The Demolition Code of Practice BS 6187:2000, in conjunction with relevant HSE guidance. Method statements, risk assessments and a program of works is always submitted as a matter of course.

Demolition is typically thought of as blowing up buildings or swinging a wrecking ball to knock down structures. What most people do not realise is that demolition is an engineered process of safely and efficiently removing a variety of structures. Implosions make up less than one percent of all demolition projects and the crane with wrecking ball are seldom utilised.

In today’s world, demolition is performed by highly skilled personnel with state of the art equipment. Hydraulic excavators have replaced cranes with wrecking balls and allow demolition to be completed in a much more controlled and efficient manner. Excavators can be equipped with multiple demolition attachments including hydraulic shears, concrete processors, hammers, grapples, and magnets. These attachments are easily interchangeable and provide alternative tools for completing demolition of various structures.

There is a great deal of time and energy devoted to the engineered pre-planning phase of every demolition project. Special consideration is placed on environmental issues, public safety and health risks, employee safety hazards, and recycling processes. Companies that perform demolition services are considered specialty contractors.

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