Weatherproof Maintenance

I have fitted facias, soffits and guttering for almost 20 years now. It’s a job I’ve always loved and had passion for, I like to deliver my customers what I do best, I also do roofing and flat roofs as one of my main trades.


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About Weatherproof Maintenance

Weatherproof Maintenance
I'm a small local company based in Preston and surrounding areas. I've been roofing for over 17 years now and love what I do. The majority of my work now is rooflines i.e. fascia, soffits, cladding & guttering but also carry out all aspects of roofing some thing that i also do 🔨🔨🔨
It all started when I finished school working as an apprentice with a company and was there for many years. I've worked for big national companies also in my time and got a lot of great knowledge along the way. As time went on I decided to open up my own small company here based in Preston and taking all my years of expirence and expertise to now what is known as Weatherproof Maintenance.
We do all aspects of roofing work, but like I said rooflines is my passion. I love to transform a clients property and just sit back and say I did that. I take pride in my work and have a great team of guys who work along side me. I believe quality is the answer in doing a great job not just experience I use a product called freefoam, they are the biggest manufacturer of roofline products in Europe and they offer me a lifetime/50yrs guarantee with all my installations. In all my years in the trade I've never found a better company to work with and to back me as a company.
Check them out at also
I'm a registered freefoam installer and have been for many years, that alone is a achievement in itself. Unfortunately in today's world there are a lot of what we call bogus builders around and doing bad jobs on the cheap and its not fair on us genuine guys trying to generate more work but thankfully I'm established myself in Preston and surrounding areas but on that alone..
I belive if you are a genuine company you do not need to take deposits or down payments and at Weatherproof Maintenance that's one thing we don't do all our work is of the highest standards and it speaks for itself. All work is paid for on completion to customers satisfactory and now by law we offer a 14 day cooling off period where you are not tied into any contract all submitted by Lancashire trading standards service so we try and stand out from the crowd. There are a lot of big companies out there what I've worked for in the past and there prices are ecstatic yet there is no difference in quality of the work only the price. So I think it's best to get a few quotes and really have a good think and make sure they are genuine ask to look at work etc. If you are thinking of getting your rooflines changed please talk to us all quotes are free and we deliver quality as standard.we are fully insured while working at your property we do not employ sales people or middle men or do not sub contract all my team are trained to deliver high standards as you whould expect as your property is your most valuable investment our aim is to provide a unparalleled level quality at a fair price.


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