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When I give a price and how long it will take I stick to that ie; If I price a job for £300 for 5 days work and it takes 7or8 days, then its stays at the original price, this i feel stops people thinking they will be ripped off. My Specialist work is Painting Murals ie; The last one being a Chelsea Football Club Crest I've only just registered on this site (Dec09), So I will be providing more information .


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About vonbilly

Worked for a number of Company's over a 20 year period.
Shearers Ltd, South West London Decorators, Retane Specialist Decorators, Sullivans Builders PLC. Building & Property (Minestry of Defence) I have Grade A security clearance)
and a number of smaller firms and for myself and for a few well known people ( Silvester Stallone, Sinned O'Conner, Nick Faldo, Thandie Newton, Harry Enfield) all in London


Chelses Art School back in the 1980s
Self taught in a numbers Decorating Companys since the mid-80s 20 Years experience in all forms off decorating.
Interiors,Exteriors, Wallpapering, Spraying. Also Tiling (floor,walls and ceilings)
Also I do murals in all types of finish (Oil's, Acrylics, Pastels ect)
I can do anything from Homer Simpson to Da Vinci
References can be supplied

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