We are a team of professional builders, painters and decorators, having large experience in all kinds of building work. In addition to that, we are very flexible and honest, providing not only the best service but also a fair price.


  1. Painting & Decorating
  2. Restoration & Refurbishment

About Building-UK

I have been a self-employed builder for 3 years, I do have a great experience before that, but I have been in this country for 3 years. My experience in all kinds of painting and decorating, both interior and exterior is the largest. I have graduated a school of Mechanical Engineering and all my diplomas and qualifications comply with the English standards thanks to NARIC. I also have a great experience as an electrician, as this is my specialty. Furthermore, I have been a major participant in building house extensions.


Most of my qualifications have not been gained in the UK and are not equal to the qualifications that could be gained here, or as NARIC explained to me about my electrician diploma, it is in some way higher than those here, but they said it was comparable to VCE Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level / Scottish Higher Standard. I do have a CSCS card. Unfortunately I do not have any other documentation to support my experience in building.