Your Painting & Decorating Team

A team of 6, aged 25-37, with 5+ years of experience in painting and decorating services to a high standard, with an eye for details, We pay huge care and attention to everything that we do, and try our best at our working place, to keep you happy and satisfied with the services we have provided before we leave your house.


  • 1.Painter & Decorator
  • 2.Restoration & Refurb Specialist
  • 3.Window Fitter
  • 4.Plasterer

About Your Painting & Decorating Team

I have been doing a great work in the past doing painting and decorating, starting from 2010, in London, got to work for some big companies names such as Rox interiors, Cousins, McLaren, Campbell Smith, SouthEast, in places like Buckingham Palace, Queens Chapel, Southwork, Leeds Castle, Cafe Royal, Picadilly Circus. Managed my way up by doing hardwork, never forgot where I have left from and I can gladly say that people I have worked for, have & would gladly provide any references to me. Everything changed in 2017 when I got over a Bed&Breakfast project in Larkhall, of which it has been transformed in a 8 bed house, that took a long time to complete, June 2018 now and still working on the outside of it now, got to know some people over, seeing a different mankind, life, mentality, and so, that is how I moved everything over to Scotland from London. I hope I will be able to please, together with me team, my future customers over here, as we were doing so in London for the past 8 years. I also want to mention that if you are looking for a quick & cheap job "cowboy style" I am not the guy you should shortlist. I have an eye for detail, and we are only doing mid-top ranged quality work, at reasonable prices.


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