Red Robin Limited

Multi skilled trader/handyman with over 15-year experience in full house refurbishment, home improvement, re-design, maintenance etc. I am giving my customers peace of mind with two year firm warranty for all works done on site as a standard /Labour only/.


  • 1.Handyman
  • 2.Carpenter & Joiner
  • 3.Plumber
  • 4.Restoration & Refurb Specialist

About Red Robin Limited

I begin my handyman career in 2001. One friend of mine asked me to refurbish his very old (over 400y.o.) detached house in order to prepare it for sale. I did it; he liked my work and immediately recommended me to his friend. At that time his friend was CEO of Property investment & management Group. This is how I got my first contract. I worked for him up to winter 2003, successfully executed the professional multi-trader role working within the Group, travelling between the towns and Cities where employer got the business. Mainly dealt with private houses complete renovation Projects, including full upgrade of CHS, house re-planning, QS, refurbishment and redecoration, preparing houses for letting or sale. Later on worked as first technical aid specialist solving day-to-day problems that normally arise during managing of residential properties.
In 2004 I start to work for myself as solo-trader under umbrella of limited company running small-sized construction projects where I am still working at present.


Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
My Handyman skills are included but not limited of those as follow:
General Handyman skills: Fix loo seat so it stays up! Hang pictures, mirrors; Hang curtain rails; Hang plasma TVs on plasterboard walls; Attach fixings to different surfaces; Mend/change locks/bolts; Assemble flat-packed furniture; etc.
Carpentry skills: /Please bear in mind I don't work with MDF/; Lay laminate/oak engineered floor; Fit in or repair floorboards; Re-hang windows, internal doors; Construct bookshelves, under-stairs cupboards, handmade inserted wardrobes, partition walls with unusual storage design; Fit in/replace skirting boards; new kitchen installation /from scratch/, worktop replacement; fences repair/replace; shed set up; wood staircase repair; kitchen worktop replacement etc.
Plumbing skills: fix flush on toilets; fix dripping taps; change taps; plumb in washing machines; Install outside tap; plumb in sinks; plastic & copper pipework; kitchen sink replacement etc., /except CH maintenance/.
Decorating skills /as a part of bigger project only/: Interior painting; understanding different paints and surfaces; make good holes / cracks; plastering (incl. Artex ceiling smooth or textured); grouting; siliconing; wall tiling; floor tiling; wall papering etc.