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Hello , i am a builder from west london perivale. i am experienced on brickwork tiling paving and all general domestic building w ork, with more than 10 years of previous building experience ,i aim to provide the best work possible Thank you for your time Kind regards

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Work History

i have also worked for companies like,SAINT GEORGE ltd,MANSELL,MONTWAY LTD,JSS LTD, KELLY GROUP LTD,BALFOUR AND BEATTY, Cj Oshea, galliard homes ..

Qualifications & Accreditations

cis , cscs ,my own tools and transport ..as a selfemployed builder on the with over 10 years experience,i have realised being responsible ,reliable, and pay great attention to detail is the satisfaction a builder gets when every job is finished to a highly standard.. ..over the years i have worked for many companies which i can name a few the likes of SAINT GEORGE LTD ,MANSELL,MONTWAY LTD ,KELLY GROUP LTD ,ARDMORE, ect ect .. and also, i have and finished many jobs during this time, ..hope to hear from you soon .. kind regards emir

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