U & A Builder

We've been ground-workers for over 16 years now and we've got lots of experience. We specialise in many aspects such as groundwork, driveways, landscape gardening, underpinning, paving, foundations, extensions, fencing and general building work. Our jobs have a warranty and also guarantee to complete all jobs to a high standard.


  1. Groundwork & Foundations
  2. Driveways (Paved & Loose Surface)
  3. Tarmac Surfaces
  4. Landscaping
  5. Garden Maintenance
  6. Decking
  7. Bricklaying
  8. Repointing
  9. Extensions
  10. Fencing
  11. New Builds
  12. Restoration & Refurbishment
  13. Demolition
  14. Waste Clearance

About U & A Builder

Usually private people and small companies.


I have got a NVQ qualification as a ground worker.

Latest reviews

  • New patio and lawn in existing garden

    Patio: The construction of the patio is extremely poor. The expensive sandstone slabs have not been properly affixed to the base layer. The joints have broken or crumbled. The quality and application of the mortar is sub-standard.

    Wall: The retaining wall between the patio and the lawn is weak and uneven. The retaining wall suffers from cracked mortar and has subsided.

    Steps: The slabs forming the steps leading down from the patio to the lawn suffer from the same problem as the patio (poor affixing). They have come off the surface and need to be re-laid.

    The work is not good value for money. I paid more than £5,350 for the patio, wall, and steps. This work should not have to be re-done within the space of only four years. The work was also not carried out tidily and there was damage to my external patio doors and internal wall finishes (but these were remedied at the time and I do not complain about them now).

    Mr Urim Kurti of U&A Builder promised in writing at the time of the contract: "I can only guarantee the highest standard of work". When I contacted him, he stated that he only offers a two-year guarantee (which was not mentioned at the time I paid a total of £9,000 for the works). He refused to visit my house to inspect the issues. He put the phone down whilst speaking.

    I have no option but to engage a new contractor to re-do or remedy these works and to recover these costs from U & A Builder.

    For the above reasons, I would not recommend U&A Builder.

    U & A Builder's reply:

    Hello, thank you for your feedback. This job was done in September of 2016 - almost 5 years ago. In our policy, all the jobs we undertake come with a 2 year warranty for any damages or faults in the job.

    We have completed over 300 patios and have never heard this sort of feedback before.

    The base for this particular job was completed by a different company because when the customer did his extension, he infilled the base with bricks, not the correct way with type 1, and I advised him during that time that they need to be removed but he insisted not to due to costs. We did not complete any sub-base for this client. We lay the slabs the correct way in wet mortar.

    We haven't had any issues or been contacted by this client since the completion of the job. The client dismissed our advice on achieving the best results for the job even though we informed him of the consequences of filling the base with rubble/bricks. This customer was very rude and refused to follow the advice we gave him as professional groundworkers who have been in the industry for 20+ years.

    We are always happy to assist any customer and give advice on jobs and have never had any issues at all.

  • Levelling subgrade and installing sub-base for driveway

    The job was started and finished on time. I'm happy with the finished product and they were considerate/professional throughout the job. Thank you.

  • New patio

    Very good job. Very reliable and efficient. We are very happy with Urim and his team