Hello, my name is Tyrone and the name of my company is TYPAR construction. At TYPAR we are a masonry and structural work company, specialising in Steel RSJ and lintel insertions. Friendly, reliable and honest about all works undertaken.


  1. Conversions - General
  2. Bricklaying
  3. Extensions
  4. Stonemasonry
  5. Restoration & Refurbishment
  6. Demolition
  7. Plastering
  8. Groundwork & Foundations

About TyPar

Steel RSJ and lintel specialists
Bricklaying and drystone walling


NVQ level 2 trowel occupations (bricklayer)

Latest reviews

  • Two block work extensions.

    I warn anybody who is considering using Typar not to use this builder. The work was atrocious. After his first day I discussed my concerns and after the second day when he tried to rectify things it was no better so we had to part company. I paid £2000 for this first stage as agreed but after closer inspection realised how bad the work was. The bricks were laid with no mortar between the courses and the spacing between the bricks was uneven. Two walls were started in the wrong place, yet Tyrone didn’t question why they were right on the edge of the footing. Walls were the wrong size and courses not levels . Also the wrong size concrete blocks were used each side of the garage door where a steel will need supporting, despite the block size being on the plans . So it was both structural concerns as well as it not looking aesthetically pleasing. Having taken professional advice from other builders about the work, I had to it take it down (not difficult due to the lack of mortar) and have it redone. After trying to get hold of Tyrone on numerous occasions to discuss a partial refund, he has not replied to any of my messages.

    TyPar's reply:

    Firstly I would like to say that in my years as a tradesman I’ve never had any issues with customers over quality and workmanship.

    Kathryn raised concerns after the first day and after a discussion on site we established that the issues raised were not to be concerned over, for example, Kathryn told me one of my walls was not straight and proceeded to show me by using a wooden broom handle, to which I proved it was straight with my spirit level, she also told me that my wall was 90mm out from the correct measurement, to which I proved that the outer wall measurements and the cavity measurements were the correct size. Thus making the architects measurements for the internal wall wrong.
    She then stated that the architects internal wall measurement, was plasterboard to plasterboard, and then still disputed my measurements.
    I explained that if this was the case, after the plasterboards had been put on the walls with adhesive, it would be to the architects measurement. She stressed to me that in her many years of property development, she has never used adhesive and plasterboards suction themselves onto walls.
    Kathryn stated that I used incorrect materials although she provided all of the materials.

    Kathryn also claimed that I used no mortar on the walls, but was still happy to pay for the work after we had a detailed walk around after the job was finished (as I do with all customers), to which no mortar in between bricks would have easily been noticed.

  • Opening up a wall

    Excellent service and carried out exactly what I requested. They worked so hard on what was the 2 hottest days. All in all great service a value for money. Thanks Tyrone

  • Knock through 4 rooms

    Excellent work from start to finish. Was more than helpful through the whole process, from quoting up to completion. Very high standard of work with great attention to detail. Hard working group of lads arrived on time and left the job tidy every day. Already recommended to friends and will be used again. Great job done.