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Tree and Stone provides the complete solution for creating outdoor space tailored to your individual needs and budget. Since 1996 our team manage every detail, from brief and concept to design and installation. At T&S our aim is to create outdoor space for living that exceeds your expectations.


  • 1.Driveway Paver
  • 2.Bricklayer
  • 3.Landscape Gardener
  • 4.Fencer

About o t kudas/tree-stone.com

Tree&Stone is a leading SW London and Surrey landscaping firm. The company was created in 1996 by two brothers Titian and Oliver Kudas. Influenced by family traditions that go back three generations we are certified landscapers.

We are renowned for our comprehensive design plans and nature inspired soft and hard landscaping. In short, we work with nature to create beautiful eco-friendly gardens.

We are creatives. Occasional projects in Mainland Europe and passion for outdoor sports guarantee our creativity stays sharp and fresh.

We offer a unique mix of enthusiasm with extensive experience gained on projects in London, Paris and Warsaw. Our business has grown but it still remains a small family firm with strong emphasis on the personal approach.

Most of our work tends to be in and around London. However we are always happy to visit sites anywhere in the UK or even abroad.

We are looking forward to working with you to transform your garden. Please contact us.


I am a grandson of a Head Teacher at a leading school of Gardening.
Gardening magazines from the UK, France and Germany were my baby books.
Growing up on 25 acres mansion farm which was landscaped over my childhood to create a vast garden.
5 years school of Garden Design.
5 years at WM University resulting in MA in Garden Design and Landscape Architecture, degree obtained in 1995.
1996 created Tree and Stone in SW London, running to the date.
Experience gained on projects of a value up to £200K gained in SW London, Surrey, Warsaw and Paris - Maison Lafitte.
Still as passionate about gardens as I ever was. I am very keen to share my knowledge with you - just call me.