A Dallimore

I have over 30 years experience in home improvements and maintenance, I pride myself in being competent in a wide range of jobs inside the home and all landscaping needs with high quality standards.


  1. Painting & Decorating
  2. Restoration & Refurbishment
  3. Groundwork & Foundations
  4. Bricklaying
  5. Repointing
  6. Driveways (Paved & Loose Surface)
  7. Tarmac Surfaces
  8. Landscaping
  9. Garden Maintenance
  10. Decking
  11. Plastering
  12. Handyman
  13. Fascias & Soffits
  14. Guttering

About A Dallimore

I have been in construction for 42 years and in that time I have in my opinion become competent in a wide range of skills. I especially pride myself in home decoration and repairs, landscaping which includes patio laying, driveways etc. also experienced in plastering, brick and block laying, carpentry.


No certificates or diplomas, just 42 years of learning which has served me very well.

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