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Hi my name is Nathan. I am a General builder who specialises in Fencing, Landscaping and General Masonry. Over the past few years I have really taken to transforming peoples Gardens into what I would call an extension of there homes. With the beautiful long summers we have been having I feel like spending a bit on remodeling your outside space can really give you good value for money and help to really make the most of your homes.


  1. Landscaping
  2. Fencing
  3. Bricklaying
  4. Stonemasonry
  5. Groundwork & Foundations
  6. Repointing
  7. Conversions - General

About The Fencing and Patio Guy

I have been in the construction business for almost ten years now but only ever working for someone else. I have helped build some very good reputations for several different companys but now feel its time to make a name for myself and really let my work shine.
I have alot of pride in what I do , I take much pleasure knowing that the projects I complete will help to improve someones quality of life becoming part of many stories and memories. Also it will potentially last for many years to come. I ensure that everything is completed to the highest standard and endeavor to please wherever its practical and possible.


I don't have any formal qualifications but have been building now for Ten years. At 16 I began a bricklaying course although I learned some basic skills I never completed the course. At 18 I got the opportunity to begin working for a very accomplished Stonemason/Bricklayer who helped me develop and build on the basic skills I had. Since then I have worked for two general builders one of which gave me the opportunity to learn and develop skills in a multitude of trades. I am now a general builder but I like to stick to my strengths to ensure I produce the best possible product/Result for my customers. Also I cant deny I like to be outdoors so Landscaping, Fencing and Masonry work is right up my street.

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