sw general building & groundwork

  • Maintenance required on 4x One Bed Flats

    Simon was a real asset during this renovation. He was initially hired to help do some miner updates to bring the property to a state for the building regs officer to issue a completion certificate.

    During the inspection process a lot more was found. But Simon persevered and even rescheduled a job to focus on completing this one.

    I found Simon to be truthful and honest in his work and quotational work, even to the point when he was let down by his own electrician, instead of opting for the ol' dog died story he just told me straight and told me not to worry he will find another electrician. True to his word the replacement electrician picked up from where AWOL electrician left things with only a day lost.

    Since this job, I have used Simon for other jobs and hope to use him again.

    He is a committed builder who takes pride in his work.

  • Builder

    Excellent work. I have now hired him to do more work for me.