Stewart Landscapes

Hi, my name is Ray Stewart. I have been transforming gardens for the best part of 25 years now and I love it when a customers satisfaction at the completed soft and hard landscaping work I do encourages them to take a more active participation in the future growth of their rejuvenated outdoor space.


  1. Landscaping
  2. Garden Maintenance
  3. Decking
  4. Driveways (Paved & Loose Surface)
  5. Tarmac Surfaces
  6. Fencing

About Stewart Landscapes

Patio's, Walling, Brickwork, Fencing, Decking, Driveways, Planting Schemes, Water Features, Artificial Grass, Turfing...In fact, everything you wish for your outdoor space is my speciality.

As a man of 47, I have many varied and bespoke projects under my belt after nearly a quarter of a century of undertaking probably every aspect of garden landscaping and construction.

From the initial consultation with clients for finding exactly what it is they demand/require from their gardens; I will then create an individual design for every specific plot to match the respective persons needs, likes and desires. I endeavour to bring everything asked of me, to the very best of my ability.

Hard landscaping is,to my mind, massively important to strike the right balance for in every sized garden, my aim has always been to be subtle but where we can to be big and bold where the design I create can flourish and work to an optimum.

I have worked with every type of stone available to the landscape market creating every size and shape of patio/seating area, from the postage stamp sized town house rear yard, to the countryside farmhouse style garden that wanted sweeping patio surrounding the whole house with lawns big enough for a helicopter to land to whisk away the owners to Cheltenham Races.

I have often included in my gardens the softer but just as aesthetically pleasing timber structures and surfacing such as decking, pergolas or simpler raised bedding areas. Timber is such a simple but yet pliable and compliant material that lends itself to be used for almost every garden to be furnished in.

My first love of gardening is and always will be the plants/shrubs that soften and enliven the colder, sharper aspects that hard landscaping can entail. Hard landscaping may be the backbone of your outdoor space but the planting scheme is what gives it the finish that brings the 'wow' factor to every garden. My knowledge of plants/shrubs, the conditions in which species will thrive and prosper, the planting schemes I produce to embellish every landscape; is I feel, what sets me apart from almost every landscaper I have known.

I have made water features with lush aquatical planting and aquatic life to fit the normal family sized garden, to village-pond sized features with moisture loving trees and plants to adorn them that sit comfortably in their rural surroundings.

My whole working life I have sought to provide spectacular and affordable gardens to suit every budget and lifestyle choice. I'm a man with a strong work ethic and an integrity to produce an end product that both client and myself are totally enamoured with.


24 years of experience, ranging from horticultural college in 1991 to everyday use and maintaining of a vast and varied range of species. Up to today and a time served user of shovel, saw and trowel, my skills are borne of years of doing the job.

I started out an enthusiast for all things horticultural, moving into the garden maintenance sector, tending many different sized gardens for private customers, before looking to diversify in the mid 90's. Graduating onto the trowel and moving into the landscaping sector which for me was much more rewarding personally and professionally. The variety and challenges offered by this profession never fails to keep me captivated with its rigours and demands. In a nutshell, I love my work