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we are a new company and would like to be given the chance to show that we do the job that we like doing and do it to a high and safe standard. What I Do --------------------------------- we are a newly formed steel erecting team, but we have more than 50 years experience in the trade between us. we can do any size erections from small jobs i.e. lintols,window grills, all the way up to big jobs, i.e. structural steel, fire escapes etc. when working for our previous firm we did jobs for mowlems, bovis, wates, north midlands construction, billingtons to name just a few. we have always had a good feed back from all these companys on the job that we do and feel that we are safe and efficiant at what we do. references can be supplied if necessary. Work History --------------------------------- distance is not an object where new contracts are concerned. a team can be assembled,large or small, when required


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