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……............…..BASEMENT AND GARAGE CONVERSION SPECIALISTS...…....……….…………….. Homeowner If you are considering having your damp and unusable cellar or your Garage converted into a luxury living space or just a dry storage area, The team at Creative Designs, Garage and Basement Specialists can help we can bespoke design a luxurious living space designed to meet all your needs just call and book your free quotation and survey


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About Creative Designs Basements & Garage Conversions

We are basement and garage conversion specialist with over 35 years of experience in the waterproofing, Preservation and the building industry; our surveyors are qualified to CSRT standards and are accepted by the relevant professional bodies,

The Surveyor at Creative Designs, Basement and Garage conversions have gained a wealth of experience over the last 35 years in surveying and correctly diagnosing your property problems and carrying building and alteration projects from start to finish, we will recommend the most effective solution for your property. You will also have the peace of mind of a long-term guarantee for the specialist work carried out

Creative Designs, Basement and Garage conversion specialists can convert and make full use of your available space by having that damp lifeless basement or garage converted into bright and ultra modern and dry living or working space.

Building Regulations
Creative Design, can draw up your project design and obtain all the necessary building regulations on your behalf.

Did you know that most of our work is carried out from below the ground floor with access direct from the basement window. This means that you can continue to live in your property with a minimum of disruption throughout the course of the project

Creative Designs, Basement and Garage conversion specialists are committed to understanding client’s needs, and prize the good working relationship that we establish with the client, we believe that the basement designer and client should work together with one another to design a successful project.


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