Southern Tree Services

Welcome to Southern Tree Services. We provide all manner of domestic and commercial Tree Surgery. Through knowledge, experience and hard work we happy to do any job at hand. Whether you are a developer, builder, home owner, local authority, golf course, landscape gardener, school, property company, church, corporate body, community group or landowner - my friendly team will provide you with a top class service.


  • Tree Surgeon

About Southern Tree Services

Our tree surgery work includes :

Tree Removal
Sectional Felling
Site Clearance
Thinning of Woodlands
Crown Lifting
Crown Reductions
Crown Clearing
Stump Removal
Hedge Cutting
Lowering Leylandii Hedges
Hedge Removal
Tree Pruning
Tree Felling

Removal or shortening of individual problem limbs or branches, for example those reaching a house or telephone line, or removal of any dead, diseased or rubbing branches which may either prove dangerous should they fall or damage otherwise healthy limbs.

Trees which have outgrown the garden they occupy and/or dead, diseased or dangerous trees sometimes need to be removed entirely.

When there is not sufficient space to fell a tree intact, we carry out a controlled 'sectional fell' where the tree is dismantled in sections from the top down.

Tree planting
Professional advice on suitable tree types and a full planting service is available, from small woodland planning to individual garden trees.

Hedge Cutting
We are able to cut virtually any hedge of any height with our mobile platform and long reach hedge cutters.

We also specialize in the renovation and restoration of neglected hedges.

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