SoFastMaintenance offers a full range of residential or commercial property services covering the whole range of painting, minor home repairs, replacement and installation jobs, we are equipped to tackle almost any task, working safely and cleanly in order to ensure you have a full functional home or work environment.


  1. Painting & Decorating
  2. Handyman

About SoFastMaintenance

Small, family owned home improvement and maintenance company - we treat every customer like a good friend, going the extra mile in trying to understand their needs in order to provide the best of service and get the thumbs up at the end of each project.

What makes us stand out is the attention to details given to each project regardless of size, the respect shown to ones property and belongings and also the fact that we prefer spending a bit more time on a project, rather then using cheap materials or cutting corners.

We also run an end of tennancy cleanup service, so at the end of each project your space will be cleaned and dissinfected, returning it to its everyday standard of use, thus removing the need of you hiring additional after works cleanup services and saving on the overall costs.

A happy customer is a returning customer!