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We are a specialist leading damp proofing company with years of experience. We offer an innovative and awarded solution that is free from chemicals and is installed completely from the outside. All of the work comes with a lifetime guarantee.


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About SmartDry Ltd

SmartDry Ltd is an innovative company with a strong history of expertise in the damp proofing industry.

The company was founded in Holland and is now owned by Iwan Schrijver, the director of SmartDry Ltd in the UK. Henk Schrijver, his father, invented the patented and award winning System for eliminating damp issues.

Compared to traditional methods of damp proofing that use chemicals or replastering techniques that can be ineffective and quite messy, the SmartDry is a green, hassle-free and permanent damp solution.

How it works :
The SmartDry DryBricks work differently from traditional methods by using the natural airflow around a property to actively remove moisture from damp walls.
Once the walls have dried, the the DryBricks continue to work by ensuring a positive ventilation balance throughout the life of the property. SmartDry offers a unique and permanent damp solution.

Installation :
A typical installation will only take one day.
The DryBrick are installed on the outside of exterior walls, so there is no need to work inside the property. This makes the installation process quick and won't disrupt the current resident of the property, which is ideal for both homeowners and landlords.

To ensure high customer satisfaction levels, SmartDry Ltd never outsources any work to 3rd party contractors. Each installation is done professionally by our in-house trained engineers who exclusively use and understand our products.

If you are experiencing damp problems make sure to have one of our damp proofing engineers come and evaluate if Smartdry is right for you.


SmartDry is a Which? Trusted Trader.

SmartDry Ltd. has years of successful innovation in the damp proofing industry with a patented product.

As the product is patented, only SmartDry Ltd trained professionals are able to install the DryBricks.

Awarded by the Dutch Ministry of Economy and Innovation in 2012, the parent company was considered the 26th most innovative company in Holland.

The DryBricks have been tested by TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) Founded in 1932 it is the largest research institute in the Netherlands. TNO is an independent organisation that allows it to make objective and scientifically founded judgements.
TNO certifies, verifies and tests products and services to independently evaluate their quality.

TNO evaluated the System in 1988. Imperial evidence of the system showed that up to 266cc (0.266 Litres) of water can be extracted by the system every 24hrs/unit, without using any external power sources.

Latest reviews

  • Large damp walls in the living room

    Terrible workmanship, awful customer service - avoid at all costs.

    On 6th August 2019, I paid for the SmaryDry to provide a damp proofing solution for my property.

    On 3rd November 2019, I contacted SmartDry to notify them that the dampness within the wall remained, and appears to have worsened. I asked for a consultant to visit the property but was told this was not possible.

    On 1st July 2021, I contacted SmartDry by phone to notify them that the dampness within the wall remained. At the time, I was selling the property and the buyers arranged for a surveyor to visit the property. Within the surveyors report, the surveyor noted dampness within the wall. SmaryDry spoke with the prospective buyers of the property and confirmed that the SmartDry guarantee is valid. The buyers subsequently pulled out of the property as they had concerns that the damp issue would not be resolved by SmartDry within the required timeframe.

    In May 2022, I tried to remortgage the property. The surveyor from the mortgage company refused to remortgage the property due to very high levels of damp. A damp reading was completed on the walls that SmartDry had treated. This showed a 'very high' and 'wet' reading of 59.8. As such, I am unable to remortgage the property and am suffering financial consequences.

    The customer service is non-existent (I have tried to contact them multiple times in May 2022 without any response). Avoid at all costs.

  • Damp proofing an end terrace Victorian house.

    Professional, competent. No hard sell. Surprisingly, despite using an alternative approach to damp proofing in the UK, the cheapest estimate.
    I would highly recommend SmartDry. The system does not use chemicals, it achieves life time results by ventilating the walls by using a system of hollow bricks. The workmanship was excellent and the engineer was conscious of keeping down the dust.

  • Dampness outer walls

    I was pleased with their work. They are supportive and helpful. After done their work they cleaned up place nicely.
    They are polite and well behave. I will hire them again when I need to do damp profing.. Also introduce them with my familes and friends as well in near future if they need to do same kind of

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