Smart Services 4 All

Established in 2013, and most of the time we are engaged in: 1. Property Renovations and Remodellings – involving extensions, conversions, repairs and refurbishment works on residential properties. 2. Small/middle size commercial projects – involving repairs and refurbishment works for commercial clients.


  1. Extensions
  2. Restoration & Refurbishment
  3. Painting & Decorating

About Smart Services 4 All

Especially when is about domestic projects, we rather feel at ease in projects where we are the client's builder-of-choice, in a DESIGN-BUILD process, where we are involved from the very early stages - architectural and design services, securing required permissions if necessary - to a real turn-key project. However, the usual DESIGN-BID-BUILD process is still alright for us. We consider this because, besides a great quality and good value for money, what we offer is priceless and rare: honesty, involvement and commitment. The core of our services is formed by:

1. New bathroom and/or kitchen installing;
2. Refurbishments and/or alterations;
3. Extensions and conversions,

or any mix of the above. However, being a company - thus our skills and collective experience is not limited to what might have just a couple of tradespeople - we can undertake pretty much every kind of works involved in our industry, as long as the size is not beyond our capabilities.


All works carried out by our company, are in accordance with general provisions of the Building Regulation 2010 and especially with the specific provisions of:

 Part A (Structural safety)
 Part B (Fire safety)
 Part E (Resistance to sound)
 Part F (Ventilation)
 Part G (Sanitation, Hot Water Safety and Water Efficiency)
 Part H (Drainage and waste disposal)
 Part J (Heat producing appliances)
 Part P (Electrical Safety)
 Part 7 (Workmanship and Materials)

and are subject of Building Control system, with inspections done by an inspector approved by Building Control Service.

Also, our company entire works process complies with Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994 and all other relevant regulations in respect of Health and Safety.

All our subcontractors, involved in gas/electrical works, are registered with their trade relevant professional association and regulatory bodies, and specific certificates for their work are issued on completion.