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About Scope Roofing

Scope Roofing was created by Steve Cope back in 2001.
In 99 Steve left school to start as a apprentice for his Grandad’s company working on school roofs up and down the country.
After 2 years of constant bullying from his uncles he gained basic roofing skills & respect for his elders.
Then one day on a journey home from work, Steve had the idea to start a domestic roofing business.
Within a month of the idea steve went back to college to do a bricklaying multi skill course,
Also started working the odd week with established domestic building company’s.
Then made the step to buy a van which was dragged out from under a tree with 4 flat tyres only costing 250pounds😋
his grandad thought he was mad and advised him not to do it, bascliy said stay on comical jobs👎

After weeks of saving and building up a basic tool kit, Steve paid for a small add in the local paper and started to get phone calls.
Fist 6month he didn’t earn a penny and now living in a rented apartment with his pregnant future wife the pressure was mounting, the builders would use him 3-4 times a week paying day rate and they also recommend his skills to there customers, which helped grow the scope brand.
After years of persistence Steve’ diary was fillling up with Jobs, the internet was clearly a great platform to start advertising on,
Steve signed up to several job web sites (mybuilder etc) trying his best to build the Scope brand.
The internet completely changed the business, finally after all the old rusty clapped out vans Steve went and purchased a new van,
the company logo was reinvented, started wearing smart work wear to improve on first impressions.
His uncles then decided to join the business to help out with the extra work load, followed by a number of young apprentices,
scope roofing was now gaining momentum.
Steve was now married with 2 lovely children purchased a family home big enough to store his equipment and builders skip. Working from home was convenient but after 2-3years the company had 2 many vans and staff,
The Skips getting delivered twice a week was a nightmare, something had to change.
Back to the drawing board, Steve looked at finances and decided the next step was a premises which was bigger enough for all the equipment, but not expensive.

This was a massive step for the business, with the bills being 3 times as much as a family home Steve was worried he couldn’t keep up with payments.
Luckily Steve embraced the challenge and quickly learned to have no fear, just go for it and enjoy it.
The Unit turned our to be a great decision 🤗
Custermers reviews online are the main focus in a growing business, scope roofing and the team work very hard to keep on top of customers opinions, so did their upmost to keep them happy.
(Keep reading below).


The customers we have met over the years come from different back grounds and have different life skills, Steve felt the opportunity meeting new people ever day and gaining more knowledge is something money couldn’t buy so pushed his crew to always make a effort and be extra friendly and most importantly be respectful and keep there property nice and tidy.

Scope’s current Unit has training facilities for the younger members where they learn carpentry, bricklaying, welding, flat roof systems and skylights and most importantly the basic skills kids lack these days-how to clean toilets, make a hot drink clean up after them selves, time keeping.

Scope has 2 offices with a great system which stores all customers job info - quotes & invoices from the past 16years, 5 new vans which are refreshed regularly.
Scope sponsors local football teams young and old, supports the local miners community raising and donating money.
Scope roofing started as a idea driving back from London one day, a van was purchased and off it went, the passion and drive just keeps getting bigger and better every year, the ideas just keep coming, new business plans are drawn up for new ideas including solar energy and environmentally friendly roofing products, we don’t stop working it’s a part of our lives.

We will finish this story by saying,
Do your research before hiring.
“Get it right first time”

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