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  • to see if it is possible to construct a conservatory.

    Over 6 weeks later and nearly £800 lighter, we have no quote, two paper copies of some plans that are completely useless although they look very pretty as plans go and a non-existant structural engineers report. We feel very let down by this company who initially sounded very professional about their 'complete project management'. However, what we discovered was a disorganised approach, lots of texts and calls about payment (almost to the point of harassment) and some outright lies about what professional input had been engaged. First of all the structural engineer had provided what was needed to the architect, and then when we asked for the report, he suddenly had just provided what the architect needed to finish the plans, but would provide the full details after we had agreed the job. We sent the plans to the local planning office, who confirmed that the plans were not ready to go to planning approval. None of these 'professionals' appear to be registered with the appropriate professional institutes - we couldnt find the architect on the RIBA membership list, or the Architectural Registration Board; or the Structural Engineer on the Institute of Structural Engineers. Alongside this, RMT give the impression of a well-established company, but in fact they were only formed two years ago, and spent at least a year of that time listed as not trading at Companies House. Basically, what they tell you doesnt add up and you spend a lot of time chasing for absolutely nothing.

  • Renovate 2 bed bungalow

  • Positive Client Reference taken by MyBuilder

    We hired RMT Home Build to undertake a lot of work to the outside of our bungalow, which included: relaying a new drive, paving front garden, laying new path, re-roofing the garage, building a new fish pond and surround, new fencing, new gates and fitting new garage doors. Howard was an excellent project manager and made sure everything was done on time and within budget. He actually did a few extra jobs which he didn't charge for. The team were polite and friendly and just got on with the job in hand. I've had no reason to call them back for anything. The job was done very well and I would certainly recommend them.

  • Positive Client Reference taken by MyBuilder

    Tony and his team have converted and extended 3 homes adapted for the disabled, under the Breyer Group. The quality of work has always been very good and they work efficiently having finished ahead of schedule a few times. They work on a fixed budget so there's no hidden costs. Reliable team. I would definitely recommend them.