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Rick Cobham Design Ltd started trading in 2000 and since then has provided thousands of clients with advice and drawings. Rick Cobham Design Ltd is based in Hockley, Nottingham and from our City Centre based office we predominately work across all areas of the East Midlands. Our team members have worked on all types of architectural designs, including commercial, educational and large residential developments, but as a company we specialise in residential projects.


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About Rick Cobham Design Ltd

As previously mentioned we have been in business for nearly 20 years. In this time we have built up a great reputation in this field for providing an outstanding service. We look to provide all of our clients with an understanding of the process, at the earliest stage, in order to make the process flow as simply as possible.

Most construction projects have a similar pattern and in order to help you understand the process better we have a brief explanation below.

Stage I - Initial Consultation

At Rick Cobham Design we encourage all our potential clients to take advantage of our free initial consultation. This stage is used to discuss any ideas/plans you have and allow us to provide you with our expertise and advice. In addition to advising you on your design ideas, we will use this time to explain the whole process and all the relevant authorities and companies that will need to be brought in to complete the process. Most importantly, we will give you a guide to all the costs involved, so you can plan in advance costings and do not receive nasty shocks during the process.

Stage II - Survey

Once we have been appointed, we will return to your property and carry out a site survey, this involves measuring the existing property, inside and out and any site boundaries.

Stage III - Planning Drawings

Then we go away and complete scaled drawings of the existing property and your proposed design. Once these drawings are complete we will arrange to come and visit you again to discuss the proposed design. If during this meeting you would like to make any changes or amendments we will make them at no extra cost to you.

Stage IV - Planning Application

When we arrive at the point where you are completely happy with the proposed design, we will complete all the required application forms for the Planning Application and submit them to your Local Authority. This process can take up to 10 weeks, during this time we will periodically contact your Local Authority to ensure the application is going through smoothly.

Stage V - Building Regulations

Once we have obtained planning permission it is time to create the structural drawings (Building Regulation Drawings). These drawings will be designed to conform with the latest Building Regulations and will be submitted to a Building Control body to gain Building Regulations approval. Once approval has been gained, the drawings can be given to builder/contractor to begin construction.

After all these stages are complete you will be able to start constructing your extension/building. Due to our years of experience within the industry we have built up many relationships with trusted builders and contractors. If this is something you will require we will be able to provide you with their details. This will ensure the construction process is carried out as smoothly as possible.


BSc (Hons) Architecural Design Technology and Production

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