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Robert Dean Building Services

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Robert Dean building services is a fully insured established company based in the purley area. We have a team of reliable friendly tradesmen who take pride in there work and strive to deliver top quality craftmanship on every project from concept to completion.

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About Robert Dean Building Services

Robert Dean building services was established in 2009 by two local tradesmen with 20 years experience between them, bringing different skill sets together to offer the public a complete package where no job is too small. Now a locally established building company with an excellent reputation of quality tradesmenship, Robert dean building services strive to make sure your project is everything you wanted and more.
Full portfolio and customer references available upon request

Qualifications & accreditations

NVQ L3 Bricklaying & trowel occupations
NVQ L2 Painting & decorating
NVQ L2 Carpentry & joinery
Skills include bricklaying, carpentry, tiling, electrics, plumbing, painting & decorating, landscaping, flooring, kitchen & bathroom installation, roofing and many more.

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