Pure Maintenance UK

Experts in Mould Removal & Prevention. We’ve developed a revolutionary mould and fungus treatment that kills surface and airborne mould and pathogens. If you’ve ever found mould, or been tasked with treating mould, you know just how difficult and dangerous it can be. Our revolutionary treatment is both highly effective, and convenient. SafeContractor & DewPoint accredited.


  1. Damp Proofing
  2. Painting & Decorating

About Pure Maintenance UK

Our innovative technology eradicates mould, viruses, bacteria and most odours in a home or office. The patented fogger condenses the two sterilants we use to a previously unachieved molecular size. This means three things:

First, the small molecule size means the sterilant is distributed as a
dry fog. This means it is unable to condense on surfaces and dwells in
the air, bouncing from surface to surface, killing the abundance of
airborne mould spores and mycotoxins, pathogens and odours that
traditional methods can’t deal with.

Second, our dry fog machine creates positive air pressure, meaning the
dry fog is forced to fill the entire volume of a room or house,
forcing the sterilant to dwell on every surface and object.

Third, it can reach every conceivable space within your home including
behind cavity walls, under floorboards and within soft furnishings,
meaning we are able to comprehensively eradicate every last trace of
mould, pathogens and odours.

We then use the same fogging process to lay our microbial film on
every surface in your home, meaning the mould is unable to come back,
anywhere and that any new pathogens introduced to the home or office
are killed on contact.




Public Liability Insurance

Limit of indemnity: £5,000,000.00
Valid until: 19th Oct 2022