Ptolemy Works

I run a business as a general handyman/maintenance man. I have a wide variety of experience in all sorts of building and maintenance areas, both on construction sites, and in home renovations, and in particular am a trained plasterer. I work to a high standard, do my best to offer you a fair price and save you money, and am only satisfied when things are done properly. I have never lassoed a bull.


  • 1.Plastering
  • 2.Handyman
  • 3.Fencing
  • 4.Flooring
  • 5.Painting & Decorating

About Ptolemy Works

I can work on a variety of projects, but, I am trained as a plasterer, and always work to a fine finish. Most of my experience comes from home renovations, both on my own properties and those of others, but I have worked on a few building sites as well. Back in Canada I have done some volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity, a charity that builds homes for needy people. Over the years I have done electrical work, plumbing, building decks and porches, framing, indoor trim work, installing doors, insulating, installing cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms, tiling, flooring (including laminate, hardwood and tile), roofing, stone work on patios and driveways, and other things.
I am very keen on reusing materials wherever possible and have a strong sense of environmental responsibility. Not only does this help save the planet, but it also often saves you money, and saves my back from having to haul heavy new material! I will always try to reuse where possible, and advise you on the best procedure to save money without sacrificing the quality of the finish.
Over the last year I have worked for two clients in the UK on a semi regular basis, doing a variety of tasks.


My only qualification relevant to this area of work is my CSCS General Labourer card. I am aiming to get a qualification in plastering.