Decorum Property Maintenance

Thank you for viewing my profile.... Please Please Please read and understand my Terms & Conditions prior to shortlisting me. My rates are not for everybody and I totally understand that. I can provide you with a range of high quality property maintenance services. I have been providing beautiful bathrooms and living spaces for over 25 years. (I carry out all works myself where at all possible).


  • 1.Plumber
  • 2.Bathroom Fitter
  • 3.Handyman
  • 4.Painter & Decorator

About Decorum Property Maintenance

The following are my Terms & Conditions

Plumbing, Tiling, Electrics, Carpentry, Painting & Decorating, Electric Underfloor heating, Wet room installations, Bathrooms installations, Kitchen fitting, general property maintenance.

With my experience I can high light / diagnose a problem quickly thus reducing the estimated labour cost to the customer.

There is a ONE HOUR minimum charge per man (Should more than one man be required) Plus where applicable: Labour, Parking, Congestion charge, Materials, Parts, Sourcing & Transportation. ( I do not charge for Traveling Time on large or small jobs).

Estimates for larger works attract a lower day rate due to the continuance of working in one place.

My hourly rate is £95.00 per man hour.

My 7 hour day rate is £550.00

Should I experience any difficulties outside the estimate I will draw your attention to such issues prior to progressing with the works.

Times on site will be recorded in half hour increments as set out above and invoiced accordingly on a daily basis. Should part of a half hour be used the full half hour will be rounded up and invoiced accordingly.

Half Hourly charges may work out less expensive on small works, a FREE ESTIMATE can be provided on large and small jobs of work when required but on small jobs via pictures supplied or by the clients explanation of the works. Please do try and send pictures via text or e-mail on small works. On larger jobs we can attend the property at a convenient time to provide a free estimate.

(Quotations are not supplied all prices submitted will be deemed to be an estimate and not be confused as a quotation unless the document specifically states that it is a QUOTATION.)

By seeking contact on and short listing / inviting me on the said introductory web site it will be assumed / understood that you have read and acceptted the T's & C's and by shortlisting me that you are also in agreement and accept the printed T & C’s and to be bound by said T's & C's and by the recorded rate differentials as set out above.

(When the client is to supply all sanitary ware / materials it will be assumed within the estimate of labour cost only that all supplied items will be delivered to the site prior to my commencement of works and that I will not suffer dead time due to non delivery. Should I be asked to collect the goods or wait for the delivery of goods an extra over amount as per the terms and conditions will be invoiced.



Invoices will be e-mailed to you after the job has been completed and then you're payment would be expected by return (Within 24 hours) into a nominated bank account detailed on my invoice. (Bank transfer is preferred, cheques & cash are not accepted) Should works last longer that one day and be valued at over £500 a 50% deposit WILL be requiered together with an amount towards the materials cost on account with regular invoices being issued to allow for any further works to progress and to allow for unforeseen / extra instructed works until completion when a final accurate invoice will be submitted for the total labour and materials together with associated costs with payment expected on receipt of each invoice by return which means within 24 hours of submission.

I have been providing my customers with beautiful bathroom and living spaces for over 25 years. My success is the result of my honesty clarity and quality.I am widely experienced in the building trade and have refurbished many properties together undertaking several barn conversions. bathroom & Kitchen fitting, Wet Room installations, Electric Underfloor heating, Electrical work, General building work, Glazing, General Handyman services, Plumbing, Saniflow (Macerator) repairs and replacements, Disposals, Bathroom refitting, Tiling, Painting, decorating (Time Served). General fault finding. I Am Not Qualified to Work on Gas fittings...

- fit bathrooms
- fit kitchens
- Wet Rooms
- fix leaks
- install washing machines
- install dishwasher
- General maintenance
- Painting & Decorating (Time Served
- Asbestos Awear
- Emergency interventions (Call out) (no traveling time charge applicable)


As a professional worker I have developed a series of skills that are very necessary for a quality job. These include ability to complete tasks to the desired standard.

I provide FREE Estimates (Only). An estimate is a tentative evaluation or rough calculation on the works surveyed and instructed, (Any unforeseen works due to areas of work not being visible at the time of estimating will be detailed as extra works) An approximation is an inexact representation of something that is still close enough to be useful.

Please take note that should works be found that are unforeseen or further instructions are given or changes are made to the original specification which would incur more work then the original estimate for the original works cost will increase.

All workmanship is guaranteed for 3 months from completion of works, in the unlikely event that remedial or snagging works are required following completion to be deemed as overlooked items, the works will be carried out straightaway without question. Access will be required. Should for any reason the customer does not offer access and a third party operative intervenes / is instructed then the guarantee will immeadiaty become void.

Thank you for taking a look at my profile.


Public liability Insurance

Limit of indemnity: £1,000,000.00

Checked on 11th Aug 16
Decorum Property Maintenance (trading as Decorum Property Maintenance)
Valid until: 9th Aug 17