Plumbing Ideas

-Installing Biomass Boilers: ETA, Hargassner, NIBE, Froling -Installing Ground Source Heat Pumps: NIBE, Dimplex -Installing Air Source Heat Pumps: NIBE, Mitsubishi, Dimplex -Installing Solar Thermo and Solar PV Panells -Installing Gas Boilers: Worchester Bosch Greenstar -Plumbing and Heating New and Refurbished Houses


  1. Plumbing
  2. Bathroom Fitting
  3. Central Heating
  4. Handyman
  5. Tiling

About Plumbing Ideas

• Renewable Energies: Biomass Boilers, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Air Source Heat Pumps, PV Panels, Solar Panels
• Plumbing: pipefitting, repairs, all general
• Central Heating: under floor heating, open systems, sealed systems
• Drainage and Sewage Systems
• Fitting Bathroom Suits, Showers, Shower Screens