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I am looking for a job as a plumber or a job with any relevance with plumbing heating or ventilation. Maintenance, refurbishment and new build. I have a work colleague who would be willing to work with me if necessary who has the same plumbing qualifications as I have (stated above) What I Do --------------------------------- I WORK IN MOST ASPECTS OF PLUMBING WORK ON NEW BUILD REFURBISHMENT AND MAINTENACE, LIKE FIRST FIX HEATINGS, INSTALLATION OF BATHROOMS/KITCHEN SINKS, MAINTENANCE OF BATHROO/KITCHEN/HEATING. MAINS AND SECONDRY WATER SERVICES. EXTERIOR WORK INCLUDING SOIL/VENT PIPES GUTTERING. Work History --------------------------------- Served a four year apprenticeship at a company based in the Bolton/Walkden area. Details of previous employment: G&J Seddon ltd. Plodder Lane Edge Fold Bolton BL4 ONN AVAILABLE NOW


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