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Love Tiling, 5 Star Finish 3 Star Price. I am extremely proud of my workmanship. Accurate attention to detail. I believe in being a Master in my trade rather than a jack of all. Please read my Profile and Feedback. My quotes are extremely competitive. I will work with you to within your budget. I Can work during evenings and weekends to suit your working patterns. I can work weekends at no extra charge. I am a qualified tradesman tiling for over 35 years. One job at a time so its not rushed.


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About Phil's in with Tiles

Love Tiling. Floor preparation for tiles on Wood, Concrete and other types of flooring.

Brick/Metro effect Tiles I specialise in its a bit of an art as you can see from the photo's. Other specialities in Tiling are ornate tiling, mitered edging of tiles, Fire place refurbishment with new tiles. This is the artistic side of tiling where precision and accuracy are critical.

I take immense pride in my work.
For wood floor substrate I only use Hardie Backer boards which is the best solution for fixing tiles and natural stones to timber floors. Prevents problems occurring later on to tiles and tile joints. I do not use ply woods which can cause tile damage due to the ply swelling when moisture is present then contracting when dry.
I also use a Tile levelling system for floors tiles which gives a better result great for uneven floors like concrete floors but also on even floors as it levels each tile to the other creating a level tiled surface.
I can work weekends (no extra charge) and evenings so no need to take time of work. I only do one job at a time until the job is finished. I can supply Kerikoll adhesives products which are far superior to other brands. I am accurate and pay attention to detail. Free estimates.
Tiling advice is totally free.
Basic advice -

- 180mm thin blade Wet Tile electric diamond wheel cutter.
- 115mm Thin Blade Wet Tile electric diamond wheel cutter.
- Rubi 450mmTile cutter.
- Rubi 1200mm snap tile Cutter.
- Diamond files for edge finishing of cut tiles.
- Diamond smooth edge finisher.
- Large Wet Diamond tile cutter.
- Orbital multi Electric carbide blade Cutter.
- Hand Angle Grinder.
- Dremel multi Tool. With wood and Tile cutter blade.
Host surfaces are protected prior to job commencing.

I am a Precision Toolmaker Engineer to trade working to exacting tolerances in that trade and over the past 35 years.
Trained by my grandfather who was a Tiler to trade over the past 45 years yes I was only 10 years old when my grand father showed me how to tile lol. I have worked with him for years in his business before he retired and handed the business to me. I will not compromise and you will not be disappointed. I am not self taught I have been trained. Please look at my profile to see some of my work and also feed back from all of my customers. I work alone and take my time if I state 1 day you will only pay for one day if the job takes longer I will work until it is finished to the highest standards. I don't rush a job to get to another job.

If plumbing i.e. Bath, sink or shower is needing removed prior to tiling I can also do this.

Please see some of my work shown within the photos section. The bathrooms were completely build and installed by myself.

I hope this all meets with your approval thank you. Phillip


I am a time served Precision Toolmaker to trade.
I have an HNC ,HND,
City and guilds 1 2 & 3
Safety Passport site accreditation.

this does not affect how I charge lol.
I have continued my skills into design Engineering in mechanical and product design. In my engineering trade I work to tolerances of microns and thou's of an inch. Been tiling for over 35 years working weekends and evenings from small intricate tiling projects to large projects. tiled more bathrooms,kitchens, halls and dining rooms that I care to mention. I cut tiles acutely around features such as light switches, Toilet bases (if tiling under the unit if not possible) I use diamond pads to finish cut edges I am pedantic about finish and accuracy. I don't get paid until the job is finished (Do not ever pay any Tiler or builder until the job is finished). I have fitted under floor heating systems with thermostats under tiles tiled on concrete and many other surfaces.
Important!!! If you want your tiles to look and last don't take on tradesmen who will rush the job and have jobs stacked one on top of the other leaving behind a trail of disasters just so they get paid and get the Job and so you get the job done fast. It's a falls economy and will only end in disaster. I have been called in to tiling jobs after the jobs that others have done to rectify the work carried out so please take your time get references and even ask me if you want to see the work I have done don't rush in and spend thousands as you can get the same work done at a fraction of the cost but it may take a little longer to do or get done. Do not take on a company that say they can do the lot in two days trust me they will cut corners and your left with the Problems. Get a qualified bathroom plumber to fit the bathroom get a qualified tiler to do the tiling and let them do it properly I can fit Vanity units remove and refit the toilet correctly and fit baths but would still get a good plumber to do the bathroom fit if you require one I only trust one plumber which I have known for over 45 years any please take your time ask questions do your research on the projects you are wanting done.

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