Peter Ellis Lime Specialist

Hi there,few thinks you must know about me,if is something that am proud of it,is the legacy i get from grandpa and father to learn everything i know about Restoration-Renovation.Rendering With Lime Mortar, Stone Masonry Re-pointing) etc,also they taught me to give priority in quality instead quantity,my main subject is Rendering,Pointing,masonry&Painting,Also i have very good skills as Handyman.


  1. Handyman
  2. Painting & Decorating
  3. Stonemasonry
  4. Repointing
  5. Garden Maintenance

About Peter Ellis Lime Specialist

With over 60 years of experience in Restoration Renovation of Historic and Old Properties,i offer you big range of services,Including Lime Rendering,Pointing,Painting,Stone Masonry,External Decoration,Cob Repair,Fireplaces.Also i can provide big range OF services as Handyman-Good level Plumbing,Tiling,Roofing,Bricklaying,Carpentry,Fitting.