Perfectly Finished

Tiling seems to be a family affair! My dad and 3 brothers spent the last 50 years doing it, I've spent the last 20 of the last 25 years doing exactly the same. The last 5 years spent chasing a dream, I'm back where I belong (I guess!). Quality, unparalleled knowledge and an eye for detail.


  • 1.Tiler
  • 2.Flooring Fitter

About Perfectly Finished

Having the trade running through my veins I've picked up some very useful contacts. My knowledge of the floor and wall game runs to such an extent that even the most seasoned of fitters still ask my opinion, I'm trusted.
Originally trained from my family in all aspects of fixing I moved into the retail side. From here I travelled all over Europe to various quarries and imported some of the finest limestone the world has to offer. I experimented in the manufacturing of this product and finally offered this service to some of the most discerning customers in the UK.
I have very, very strong links with Pocelanosa tiles( look them up) and I can get significant discounts with these, and other companies.
The bespoke side quickly became my forte and with this the knowledge of the products available, for all aspects of tiling, was to leave me with the uunparalled knowledge I have now of ALL products in ALL environments.
I decided to follow a dream I had in a completely different business and after a few years out of the trade, I'm back and starting to enjoy job again! After all, this is my skill.
I only fit one very top standards. The house, the job, it's irrelavent of size, the doesn't make any difference to the way I fit, I do not give anything other than a first class finish. If you want a job that "looks alright" you'll find plenty of people out there who will give you this, not me. If you want a look that you don't turn a blind eye to, I'm Your Man!
I'm available for all ceramic, porcelain and natural material installations. I can also help you source exactly what you want for that PERFECTLY FINISHED look.

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