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  • wood floor specialist

    Arrived to have a look at the work. Which needed the damaged floor boards to be removed and be replaced by new ones. He assured me he could do it. But after he left a mess on my floors By removing a damaged wood panel he told me he would be back but i never heard from him again. I will not be using him again for any services.

    P C FLOORING's reply:

    I and remove the damage wood and we agree i would source new wood i inform her that if i was unable to source the wood and the whole floor will need to be replace because of the inner locking of the floor planks , visiting flooring company's i was told that this wood flooring was no longer available I inform the client and told her that the whole floor will need replacing, ..as you can see this complaint is not about the quality of my work is about break down with the client not wanting to change the whole floor and me not being able to source to matching flooring i inform her i can no longer be of service as we couldnt agree and inform her it might be better to find someone who had the time to go around looking to find matching flooring..

  • Specialist lino floor fit, Wandsworth

    A very very very poor job. My flooring was laid so badly that I'm going to have to take it up and start again. A pleasant man and I feel saddened that he said he was up to a job that he clearly was simply not able to do.

  • Repair Poorly Laid New Laminate

    On time, job well done for a fair price.

  • Lay laminate Floor

    Good job - Clean worker

  • Floor sanding and varnishing needed ASAP

    Didn't do a very professional job, painted around appliances and managed to get wood stain over newly painted skirting boards.

  • Interior and exterior painting required

    Paul was able to squeeze me into his busy schedule in order to repaint the front of my house. He worked quickly, to schedule and did a great job. very pleased with his work and would recommend him.

    thanks paul!