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Qualified bricklayer with city and guilds training with over 30 years experience in all aspects of the building industry.Patios,new build,old renovation work, stone work, drainage, etc All finished to the highest possible standard guaranteed.


  1. Bricklaying
  2. Driveways (Paved & Loose Surface)
  3. Stonemasonry

About Paul A Guest Building Contractor

Hello everyone my name is Paul I am just going to explain a little bit about myself.I have been in the building industry all my working life.Learnt most of my building skills off my father,old school style , the hard way.Spent hours on the pick and shovel digging foundations out for extensions and also barn floors to lay a new concrete floor.I was then partner in a building business which was very successful with the best reputation around the town of Brecon.We would cover àll types of work from new build, 18 houses built for our selves to sell on in a little village called cradoc near Brecon. Also many barns ,old houses renovations, and, many churches in the local area for C.A.D.W. It was hard work being along side my Father and Brother all the time ,so decided on a change and my wife and children moved to France to live.Their we bought an old farm house and renovated it into three sucsseful holiday cottages to rent out.20 years has past the children have flown the nest and feel it's time to come back to Wales to our roots . So here I am today basically starting from scratch.I have lost alot of my contacts in those 20 years but what an experience.While living in France I kept to my building work . It varied from new extensions , gutting old houses and bringing them back to life,barn conversions, which my wife still lives in,and then complete swimming pool instalions for my own business, from digging it out, building it, fitting the linears to all the patio work complete job all the client done was swim in it at the end Most of my work was for the British people had holiday homes or people that were retiring in France.So for most of these people they would be relying on the British pounds exchanging against the Euro's for their income either they were working in the UK or their investments where there,in other words their pensions.So the exchange rates have dropped so they were careful with their money so they wouldn't spend as much,and that meant the work was getting harder to come by.,and now Brexit . So here I am an experienced genuine ,honest person looking for work to start up my home again in Wales I have been working back and for in Wales for a couple of years but now I feel I want to be independent again of my own future.As for qualifications City And Guilds trained as a bricklayer passed with credits and the best qualifications of all 30 years experience the best one of all . I would Describe myself as a person as good,fun to be around , honest, reliable, perfectionist which takes pride in anything I do.and most of all a down to earth family man just like everyone else with family and financial commitments to meet.
If you have taken the time to read all about me and my life I Thank You and look forward to meeting you in the very near future.


City and Guilds in bricklaying passed with
Credits in both Theory and Practical

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