LMS Refurbishments

LMS Refurbishments is a small renovation & refurbishment company based in Bath. We offer a hassle free, tailor made service that includes design (optional), installation and project management. We are happy to carry out jobs of any size, although larger refurbishment projects are at the core of our company. Our quotes are free of charge and include a fully itemised breakdown. We also supply certified electrics & plumbing services.


  1. Restoration & Refurbishment
  2. Kitchen Fitting
  3. Extensions
  4. Carpentry
  5. Joinery & Cabinet Making
  6. Hard Flooring
  7. Conversions - General

About LMS Refurbishments

Many people say that “quality comes at a price” and to some extent, this is true.

I can be (and sometimes am), undercut by “competitors” on price. I could often easily match these prices but only by using cheap materials and/or construction techniques which would compromise the quality and/or longevity of the finished product. Almost anyone can cobble something together with a few nails and bit of rough sawn timber. This is something that I am not prepared to do.

However, I am by no means the most expensive, as you will discover if you obtain a number of quotations, which of course, you would be wise to do.

I am what is known as a sole trader, this means that I do not have a huge amount of outgoings which allows me to keep my quotations competitive. My labour rates are far less than you would pay for (say) a plumber, electrician or indeed most tradesmen.

So, I am able to offer quality and craftsmanship at an affordable price and I know that on a like for like basis, my quotations are very hard to beat.


FMB Assured.
Carpentry & Joinery NVQ level 3.
CSCS Registered.
8 Years building experience.