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Latest reviews

  • Move sink pipe work

    Had Oliver come move some pipework for a sink about 3ft. He finished the job and looked OK. I noticed shortly after he left we had very low pressure elsewhere in the house and a really loud noise coming from the pipes he fitted. He'd fitted and extremely tight u bend that was clearly restricting flow. I then spent 5 hours redoing his work and properly chasing the pipe in the wall as although he hacked the plasterboard away the pipes did not fit in the wall. The job ran over his original estimate + matterals that I thought would have been included in the original quote. Originally quoted £195. Ended up being over £300 (an hour I was charged was spent picicking up supplies he'd forgotten). Messaged telling him the issues had no reply whatsoever even though I can see he's seen them. Would not recommend.

    OJ Plumbing's reply:

    So after speaking to this client whom was happy start with, there were a couple of teething issues which we discussed on the phone I said I was more than happy to come back but was left as I'll let you know.

    After that I heard nothing until I got a message saying that they had made some changes themselves just to let me know.

    We are now off work as partner is about to have twins.

    It wasn't a request to resolve it as a just to let you know we weren't happy.

    Regardless would have been more than happy to resolve as required.

    From the vast majority of feedback are clients have no issues.


  • Fit new basin.

    Did not employ. Due to timing issues.

  • Replacement Shower Fit

    Very happy with Oliver’s work.