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Hello My services include hedge trimming, tree cutting or removal, stump grinding, lawn mowing, weeding, weed prevention, jet washing of patios, paving or driveways and general maintenance of gardens. I can offer regular maintenance of greenery areas or one-off jobs for private or commercial customers. I possess waste carrier licence; chainsaw license and my company are insured. If you need a (free) quote we can always meet and talk about the job and pricing. Kind Regards Greg


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About Greg Your Gardener Ltd

Hello all.
I started gardening services in 2018 and the business and my services have been developing since. My current services include: hedge trimming, tree felling, pruning, patio, driveway jet washing, weeding, lawn care, lawn establishment, mowing and general garden clearance.
I possess a variety of professional tools: hedge trimmers, mower, grass strimmers, pressure washer, wood chipper, stump grinder and other...
If you need someone to take care of your trees, hedges and lawns contact me and I will help you.


If you are wonder, how much should you expect to pay a gardener for one-off garden maintenance?
The simple answer is ‘the same as to any other tradesman’. Although you may not use a plumber or car mechanic every week, a gardener expenses are very high and the work is very labour intensive.
The running costs of a professional gardening business are just as high as any other professional tradesman which includes: costs of accountant, training, holidays, bad weather, costs of advertising, transport costs, vehicle maintenance, tools and tool maintenance and herbicides. For example, it can cost as much to service a mower as it does to service a car. Prices of professional mowers start from £800. A gardener may have more than one mower, plus many other petrol tools that need, oil, fuel, lubricants, replacement parts and servicing.

Therefore, the total average hourly rate can vary from £25-£45 pounds an hour depending on safety and difficulty, this can be difficult access to certain parts of garden such as high trees, high hedges, tree roots, amount, and cost waste removal.

However, usually I do not charge hourly rate, I charge per job done.


Registered waste carrier


Public Liability Insurance

Limit of indemnity: £100,000.00
Valid until: 11th Nov 2023