Molina & Hofmann

  • Kitchen refit incl. floor & new boiler

    Patricio & team did a great job on my kitchen - fully refitted the whole thing, replaced the boiler & the result is a great kitchen.

    Took a little bit longer than anticipated, but ain't that always the way!

    Would recommend.

  • Removal of two supporting walls and decorate.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Patricio and his team. The quote was excellent value for money and was flexible enough for me to have additional jobs added, at a very reasonable price.
    The work was completed on time with care taken to remove all building waste too.
    The overall finish to my project was extremely high and his team clearly take pride in the work they do. Overall very happy with the end results and Patricio is a very friendly guy and easy to work with too.
    I would certainly engage Patricio and his team again for any future projects.

  • convert a house in 3 flats

    I did the design for the conversion of a house into several flats. I was looking for a project manager who could take care of the work. I found Molina & Hofmann through Patricio, the project manager, was fantastic to work with. The quality of the work is outstanding and the work that we discussed was done in time and within budget. Of course there are always some extra jobs that become apparent only once the work is underway. But overall it went all according to plan. Patricio has always good ideas to find solutions to new problems. As a designer I was above all impressed by his sense for aesthetics and the beauty of the work they do. The communication was always clear and pleasant. As this is a small company, they don't work on more than one major project which is why they finish on time. If I get another major project I will certainly work with Molina & Hofmann again. Highly recommended!!!

  • Renovations to small 2 bed flat

    We had everything in our entire 2 bed flat renovated by Patricio and his team. Overall we are very pleased with the final result. There were some issues and problems along the way but these were sorted out and Patricio was reasonable about accepting responsibility for most mistakes.

    Patricio himself has a good eye for design and has high standards. Sometimes this didn't apply to some of his workmen, but when things weren't up to scratch either Patricio made the improvement himself or we pointed it out and the correction was made.

    Patricio is very good at being available and met us several times in the evening to talk through the works. He always answered his phone, but definitely prefers calls to emails and texts. We would recommend keeping in regular contact with Patricio throughout your project. The majority of mistakes happened when we had been in less frequent contact with him.

    The decorator in particular was very diligent and has good attention to detail. The plumber made the most mistakes but these were all fixed in the end, without too much trouble.

    All in all, it was our first experience of having renovations done and although the process was quite stressful, we were happy with Patricio and the flat we are living in now.

  • Kitchen fitting (probably Howdens) - Tooting

    Patricio and his team did a fantastic job of installing the Howdens kitchen, together with re-doing the flooring in a larger area and installing underfloor heating.

    It was very helpful having one point of contact to project manage all aspects of the job, including the electricals, plumbing and gas. Patricio and his team were very neat and tidy, careful to clean up after themselves. The finishing was excellent, and the tiling in particular was done very well. The work took a bit longer than estimated, but it was worth it to have it done properly rather than rushed.

    We would not hesistate to recommend Molina and Hofmann, and are likely to use them again when we want to do our living room.

  • Strip and replace bathroom

  • Flat

    We had a very negative experience with Patricio/Molina & Hofmann. They are amateurs who charge a lot of money for work which is not of satisfactory quality/fit for purpose. There was no logical project management/order - e.g. we had asked for an electrical condition test to be run first - instead it was run several weeks in after wall prep/painting had started, which meant that when it emerged we needed a re-wire, work had to be re-done (and we had to step in to find electricians ourselves). They had no respect for our property & things (eg. no protective sheets were put on our new tiles/kitchen, and even though we asked for painting behind the radiators to be done before they were fitted - they were fitted and paint spattered over them. Same with our new sliding door). Despite giving them a detailed list of works & project plans, and agreeing a payment schedule at the outset (which we stuck to), we were consistently told that the original quote did not include this or that. We were happy to pay extra for unanticipated works, but several times we were put in a position where we were basically blackmailed and asked to pay more money for work which we had already paid/part paid or the work wouldn't be finished/they would walk. In the end we fired Patricio/M&H, despite having paid a lot of money and not had an equivalent value of works delivered. We've since had to self-procure various works to finish our flat (including fixing things done badly by M&H). Avoid using them.

    Molina & Hofmann's reply:

    The facts have been grossly misrepresented. The main issue from my perspective was that the clients had no understanding of the works they required; nevertheless they got constantly involved before jobs were finished. Repeatedly I asked them to let me finish the jobs first before looking at the results. I gave them a competitive quote for the whole job but they got other contractors involved in order to do the electrics. They were cheaper as they came from abroad. We can not take responsibility for other peoples' work, nor is it our job to clean up behind them. I finished the jobs I had started but they decided to do the decorating themselves. We parted in mutual agreement. The negative feedback reflects the client's lack of understanding.

  • Ikea kitchen fitting URGENT

    Great team of guys. Got the job done exactly as we needed and to a fantastic standard. Would definitely recommend.

  • Finishing a renovation - 2 to 3 weeks of work in Feb

    I hired Patricio and his team to complete a house renovation that had been left unfinished by another builder. The project involved e.g. refitting kitchen cupboards, refitting internal fire doors and rebuilding the door frames, laying wooden flooring on a staircase, building bespoke cabinet units, plumbing a guest bathroom, as well as plastering and painting. Complicating the matters was the fact that we ultimately had to rectify a number of works that had been done poorly by the first builder.

    My wife and I have been very satisfied with the result. The whole team has displayed great workmanship, and they were also a pleasure to deal with throughout the project. Following the completion of the agreed works, we signed them up for another project to improve the exteriors of our house - e.g. repointing brickwork, building a patio deck, and fitting a fence.

    Based on our experience, I would have no hesitations to recommend Patricio and his colleagues to other homeowners.

  • Kitchen fitting, electrical work, plastering, laminate

  • Install bi-fold doors

    Ended with a great result

  • Positive Client Reference taken by MyBuilder

    Job: Converting a duplex into two separate flats by adding a two-storey extension. Removing weight-bearing walls to re-configure the layout. Fitting new kitchens and new bathrooms. Flooring and decorating throughout. Patricio did an excellent job. He is experienced, knows what he is doing, knows London and the housing market. He is well organized, accurate, most reliable, always friendly and calm, creative in finding solutions to complex problems, he also has great communicative skills and knows how to supervise and motivate. It has been a pleasure working with him, I would always do it again and strongly recommend him.