Millmo Glazing

What can we do ? Everything ! When can we do it ? Whenever you say ! Ok that may be simplifying it a bit but if it's glazing related then the chances are it's something we can sort out We specialise in repairs at sensible prices, and that doesn't involve coming over, rubbing our chin and then telling you that actually you need a whole new window or door! We also offer a huge range on new windows/doors/cladding and conservatories.We are a small but dedicated team,and I will always be on site.


  1. Windows & Doors (uPVC & Metal)
  2. Windows & Doors (Wooden)

About Millmo Glazing

Having been in the glazing industry in many guises for 20 years each myself and my partner have seen the very best and very worst it has to offer.So whilst we haven't actually got capes and a superpower we do believe we are well placed to help you with any window/door/conservatory problem you may have.
We are honest and upfront with prices ( not sure how many companies want to give you costs before they visit ) as you can see here :

Small fanlight £40-£60
Medium opener £60-£80
Large unit £80-£100
Toughened door unit £140-£190
Large patio unit £200-£350
Leads/georgian bars/coloured fanlights priced upon viewing or photos sent

Window handle £15-£30
Door handle £40-£90
Hinges £40-£90
Window locks £50-£100
Door locks £120-£200

Upgrade door cylinder to Ultion £70
Lock lock handles £110
Patlock security locks £80

We carry a large stock on board and can carry out many repairs/replacements there and then but if that isn't possible we will let you know how long it will be before we come back ( normally next day/glass can be up to 5 days ) and we actually stick to it ! We both have a low tolerance level for poor punctuality and so it's a trait we avoid.

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