MBF Renovation

MBF Renovation is one of the leading refurb companies in central Scotland. We are happy that we can provide longlasting trust and services that will make you and your family happier, satisfied and safer. Our highly experienced team makes sure you feel comfortable in your home. Our goal is to make your life easier and stressfree. MBF Renovation is the luxury you can afford. Contact us for a free quotation and professional advice.


  1. Bathroom Fitting
  2. Tiling
  3. Plastering
  4. Kitchen Fitting
  5. Painting & Decorating
  6. Plumbing

About MBF Renovation

We are highly expierienced and have been working in UK market for 10 years or so. We mainly do bathroom fitting/installation work. Our team has highly expierienced tilers and a qualified plumber. Apart from those we do kitchen fitting, joinery and painting & decorating. If there is something that goes beyond our scope of work we can provide our clients with information about people who can help them with other services.


- Expirienced tilers;
- Qualified plumber (NSVQ);