MAX-BUD Building & Refurbishment Service

MAX-BUD/ Specialist for Domectic Renovation & Refurbishment.Main Projects:Kitchens & Bathrooms installation, Architectural changes,Electrics & Central Heating,Plasterwork & Floor Installation, Tiling, Complete Painting & Decorating.Architect & Engineer Support.Fully Insured.


  1. Plumbing
  2. Central Heating
  3. Bathroom Fitting
  4. Kitchen Fitting
  5. Restoration & Refurbishment
  6. Handyman
  7. Painting & Decorating

About MAX-BUD Building & Refurbishment Service

The founders of Max-Bud Refurbishment Service has been serving in building & refurbishment industry for many years. They developed their passion for building and earned grate experience working as self employed traders with big commercial companies like BILDEX-POLSKA, P&DCS-Edinburgh, Baxter & Gillespie-Glasgow.

After few years of sub contracting we decided to use our professional skills and in 2001 established multi-trade firm which employ/subcontract specialists of all building/ refurbishment trades able to accomplish each project according to British Building Standards and latest Building Regulations. We assure that each work is carried out in a technically proper and workmanlike manner.

Since 2001 firm has successfully accomplished thousands different building & refurbishment projects from: multi-stage & complex works projects in private apartments over 200 sqm. across Edinburgh, Lothian & borders to smaller - Kitchens & Bathrooms installation in various design options and sizes- on weekly basis. Our specialist skills where and are appriciate by many investors on both, private & bussiness market and are used to accomlishe unusuale projects, required professional building knowledge and work organization like: Various renovation works in private estates of family Douglas-Miller incl private residence , extensive modernisation of Albany-Hotel in Edinburgh, complete interior rebuilding of wedding service boat at Ratho in Edinburgh, reconstruction of marine unit to restaurant/cofee bar- Inverkip. To those I could add many different bars, restaurans and offices modernized in different styles.
Through years we developed grate relations with interior designers from Edinburgh: MAXWELL-GREEN DESIGN, SARA WHITBY- INTERIOR DESIGNER as well as with Architectects and Structural engineers. Vary recent projects are carried out in private appartments in Edinburgh. This projects required structurel works, complete electric and central heating instalation, flooring, kitchen & bathrooms complete installation plus final decorating works.

Photos has been made to most of our works and are shown to potential clients as our achievements. Only part of works can be seen on our web site. Hovewer all project photos where photographed and can be seen via request.


The founders of Max-Bud and most of the traders are Citizens of Poland. We have relevant to our specialization acreditations signed by: Polish Electro-Technical Institut, Technical Building Schools.
All of the Traders have a wealth of experience in the general property refurbishment, supported by versatile, practical and technical skills. All traders carry the works according to Building standars and Regulations and workmanlike manners. Supplied with appropriate, professional and safe equipement. All are trained with reading off different architectural and engineering plans.

Engeneers backup:

Eletrotechnical Engeneer: Mr Jim Scott: SJIB Aprooved Installation Electrician, Maintenance Electrician

Gas Safe Engeneer:Mr Neil McKay- gas safe Registered engineer ( Plumb Fast)

Our professionalism comes from combination of Polish and British building trade technics on both private and commercial property refurbishment market.

Kitchens - design, supply and complete electric, heating and water installation
Bathrooms - design and supply with complete installation and docorations
Loft/Basement Convertion - all works from planing, preparations, instalations to decorating
Building Garages/Extentions - all works: from solid foundations, roof structure to internal installations and finishes
Subfloor Leveling - concrete, solid wood floor and sub floor leveling, screeding
Joinery - partition walls, suspended ceilings and lifted floors, door & windows fitting and renovation
Tiling - on floors & walls, in and outside, ceramic, slabs, stone, combined with underfloor heating system.
Flooring - all types and styles of wood floor fitting & renovation, solid, engineered, acrylic impregnated
Plastering - skimming, rendering, cornce & roses fitting, cracks repair, damp proofing
Underfloor Heating - heating mats and insulation board-supply & installation, damaged system repairs
Insulation Sys. - ventylation, thermal, water & soundproof insulaton at laft, basement, kitchen, bathroom, etc.
Painting & Decorating - emulsions & oils, in & out, wall paper striping & hanging, outer woodwork painting
Plumbing - all plumbing works, new installations and repairs, pipes unblocking, wteroom building specialists
Electric - all electrical installations, re-wiring, lighting, fuse box, sockets, switches, repairs
24h Handyman Service - all basic plumbing, electric, joinery, tiling decorating and repair works, DIY works and many others