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Been doing warm roof systems for over 10 years and finally decided to branch out. We have a vast knowledge of insulation happy to do lofts, walls, floors, extensions, summer houses and even metal sheds. We can use all forms of insulation from mineral wool to pir sheets. We prefer not to do closed of open cell foam as surveyors dont like it. We are currently undergoing all the procedures to become trustmarked and part of the green scheme. Thanks


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About Thermal Insulating Solutions Ltd

Can install any type of insulation. Help controll damp, improve ventilation, reducing noise helping to im prove the environment by using recycled products and disposing of old insulation correctly. Removal of cold water tanks, general cleaning of loft spaces, cavity walls.

FLAT ROOF:We've been using our product resitrix for around 10 years now. Its a rubber membrane thats been recycled from old car tyres. Its made in Germany and is given a life span of atleast 40 years, can get insurance back guarantee for 10 years. Thank you for your time matt

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