Marian Paun

  • Coventry
  • Member since Jan 2022

A new landscaping company based in coventry and warickshire. Paramedics moving into a new business venture. We are here to help you with all manor of landscaping and gardening work whether it be a simple yard clean up or a full scale outdoor space make over.


  1. Landscaping
  2. Demolition
  3. Fencing

About Marian Paun

Clear correspondence , considerate and fit staff , kept guarantees and reliable outcomes are as much a piece of our image guarantee similar to our industry driving guarantee.
Anybody arranging a finishing venture extensive or little should get in touch with us and we will be cheerful to work with you. We are focused on the creation and upkeep of durable open air living regions for your home or bussniess.
We specialised in full landscape gardens , Fencing , Patios, Garden Clearance or Maintenance