Marcin Roszczyk - Ross Decor

My name is Marcin Roszczyk. I offer very high standard in painting and decorating(interior&exterior), carpentry( wardrobes,ladder desk, bed frames and etc.), flooring (tiles, vinyl floor, laminate and etc.) and I also work as a handyman. I do kitchen and bathroom fitting too. I have 18 years experience. I also do general, commercial and residential maintenance service and electricity.


  • 1.Painting & Decorating
  • 2.Bathroom Fitting
  • 3.Kitchen Fitting
  • 4.Flooring
  • 5.Handyman

About Marcin Roszczyk - Ross Decor

Installed drywall, ceilings, trim and fabricated replacement trim and mouldings.
Installed interior finish items, including wall protection, doors and hardware, toilet accessories, cubicle curtain
tracks and TV brackets.
Repaired and remodelled wood, iron, chain link and vinyl fencing.
Operated electric cordless and hammer drills and cutting torches.
Repaired roofs and flooring and remodelled bathrooms and kitchens.
Planned and executed work with the proper tools and materials to maximise efficiency.
Specialised in framing and finish carpentry.
Installed, tested and modified circuit breakers, controls, fuses, lights and motors.
Maintained and tested fire alarm systems.
Demonstrated expertise in the use of cable reels, stripping tools, voltage detectors, crimping tools and wire and
cable cutters.
Performed flat glass repairs and minor structural repairs to concrete and wood decks, window trim, windows and
door casings.
Painted surfaces using brushes, spray guns and paint rollers.
Applied putty, wood filler, spackling and caulks to prep uneven surfaces.
Polished painted surfaces with sandpaper, pumice, rouge, wax and other finishing materials.
Painted indoor areas such as hallways, bathrooms and lobbies.
Cleaned the exterior of buildings using a motorised power washer.
Prepared trim, walls and ceilings for painting by cleaning, smoothing and priming.
Applied paint with cloth, brush, sponge and fingers to create special effects, painting and decorating


City and Guilds 2382 17th Edition