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Please welcome to my profile and let's get down to business; I'll make sure you are satisfied with the result. I want to offer you my skilled hands, expert advice and outstanding communication - understanding what you need and delivering it on time. My attributes are: high work ethics (communication, cleanliness, etc.), good eye for detail, great at cutting in, reliability, impeccable personal manners and passion for my job. My name is Marek Dembinski and welcome to Marchmont Art Decor.


  1. Painting & Decorating
  2. Windows & Doors (Wooden)
  3. Handyman

About Marchmont Art Décor‎

I offer painting & decorating as well as some aspects of other trades, which make up my handyman services. As a part of my painting work in a climate as humid as Scottish, I very often have to renovate woodwork before painting, mostly sash & case windows with cills, and front doors.

Painting & decorating:
- interiors and exteriors
- residential and commercial
- Victorian buildings and older, and modern buildings (1950 onward)
- surfaces include: masonry, wood, metal, plasterboard, etc.
- paint types used are water and solvent soluble : acrylic, latex, shellac, oil, chlorinated rubber paints
- hanging wallpaper and lining paper
- repairing the surface and preparing for painting

I pride myself on doing a great job on woodwork, so if you have sash & case windows, doors or other wooden objects that need repainting and possibly repairing, I am the man to make the job look really beautiful for you.

I also cooperate with other tradesmen (mostly joiner, plasterer and roofer) in order to deliver a full solution for my customers' refurbishment projects, where my specialty comes not applicable or insufficient.


I have done an apprenticeship in California (USA, not the village near Falkirk ;) ) in 2002 and I moved to Scotland in 2010. I had also been painting in Spain and Germany for some time between these dates. Therefore I have knowledge and experience from around the world, and I love working in Scotland because there's always so much to decorate! :)