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I am incredibly hard working and very focused for a mid-twenties man. I work in a small group of men who are devoted to exellence at work, we take pride in our work, if we wouldn't like it in our home we wouldn't do it that way for you.


  • 1.Extension Builder
  • 2.New Home Builder
  • 3.Demolition Contractor
  • 4.Landscape Gardener
  • 5.Restoration & Refurb Specialist
  • 6.Roofer

About Gouldthorpe Flat Roofing

I have worked on some very prestigious projects in london with well established contractors such as Barrett Homes, Lovells, Shepherds and Morgan Ashurst. Such jobs as Trinity Wharf in Clapham, C.P.L on the Isle of Dogs, Marriot Hotel Westminster, Imperial Wharf in Fulham and many more. These can all be easily found on the web.


I am a Qualified Waterproofer under the Alumasc Sceme.
I have all the safety credentials. I am a felt roofer by trade and have been for 6 years for a very successful london based firm. I'm interested in restoration jobs, though my experience lays with new builds. Before roofing i did landscape gardening for 4 years in my home town.