Helping resin companys all South & London. Started in 2013 in 2014 we started laying 50mm resin bases in ower driveways. Then 20mm top. Ower drives 100% porous. We put mebrain down after 10 to 12 inch dig out. Crushed hard core smaller than half brick. Goes back down. Then compacketed. We lay another mebrain down. 50 to 60mm of 10mm limestone or granit. Mixed resin. laying a UV protected aggregate to ensure very stong bond.


  1. Driveways (Paved & Loose Surface)
  2. Tarmac Surfaces

About Lkresin

We lay resin bound stone and base resin and stone. To public and to other resin companys


Have layed driveways for 20 years. Self employed. Went vat retested 10 years. Now not vat retested. Starting 5 years ago doing resin bound driveways only. It's the best thing you can chose. Permable and low maintenance last longer than concrete and tarmac.

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