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We are new to this site so please dont let our lack of feedback deter you. We care about our work as it is our passion,we pride ourselves on our quality workmanship we only ever complete work to a very high standard. We are highly professional tradesmen and care about our customers.


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About Linnet Stone Restoration

Our business deals with stone, sculpture and monument restoration as well as the large scale cleaning of building facades. We are specialists in the use of traditional methods of re-pointing and in traditional lime techniques
The business is based in Lincolnshire and we are interested in working on many of the old and traditional stone buildings in this area, to help to preserve in particular the delightful traditional stone villages and the old Lincolnshire churches.
I spent 5 years training in conservation at De Montfort University, Lincoln, resulting in a degree in Conservation and Restoration Studies.
I have a further 10 years experience including 2 years as a stone conservator at Lincoln Cathedral, an internship with Historic Scotland, during which time I worked on the Queen Mother’s Glamis Castle, site manager on various historic monuments in London for 2 years, including Kew Gardens, Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and St Paul’s Cathedral. I have also recently worked as consultant conservator on the Baha'i Shrine in Israel.
I have recently worked on local churches and on stone houses requiring extensive stone removal and repointing.


Qualified in stone, sculpture and monument restoration.
B.A Conservation & Restoration studies. De Montfort University, Lincoln. 1994-97.
National Diploma. Conservation & Restoration studies, Lincolnshire College of Art & Design. 1992-94.
Trained in cleaning techniques – JOS and DOFF, Micro air abrasive, nebular water spray systems
Trained at Lincoln Cathedral as a stone conservator
Stone conservation Internship with Historic Scotland Stone masonry
Stone cleaning and restoration
Stone fixing service
Traditional lime techniques and re pointing using traditional methods

Lanscaping - block paving, fencing, decking, driveways, concrete bases, etc
Painting and decorating