LGS Building Solutions Ltd

LGS Building Solutions are a family run local business providing building maintenance and repair services all over Ireland and the UK With over 30 Years Experience in this business we will guarantee our work will be of the highest quality.


  1. Damp Proofing
  2. Restoration & Refurbishment
  3. Handyman
  4. Garden Maintenance
  5. Fencing
  6. Extensions
  7. Decking
  8. Tiling

About LGS Building Solutions Ltd

With over 30 Years Experience in this business we will guarantee our work will be of the highest standard.
All general household and building maintenance joinery work undertaken.

All aspects of joinery and building maintenance work undertaken, from windows, skirting, facing, framing, flooring and hanging doors. We are also specialists in repairing the following problems that can occur in the home or work place.

The most common species of woodworm is the common furniture beetle which affects 75% of all hardwood’s and softwoods. Woodworm is identified by the small round holes left on the surface of timbers and the gritty bore dust that it leaves behind.

Dry rot can affect timber as well as other building materials. Dry rot is when the wood shrinks, darkens and cracks or a white fluffy mycelium develops. Dry rot fruiting bodies are like a pancake with an orange surface and a rust red spore dust. Active dry rot produces a musty damp odour.
Wet rot is where the timber decays naturally in the presence of high moisture. Wet rot causes the wood to become bleached and a strong fibrous appearance occurs. Wet rot, can occur when the timber is in direct contact with masonry or where there is a collection of water.

Rising damp occurs when water from the ground spreads into the brick work, rising through the fine cracks in the masonry. Rising damp is usually only found in the first meter or so of the wall. Rising damp is identified by damp patches and stains. The brick is usually wet with salts forming.

Delta membrane is a highly successful product. Delta membrane is a plastic waterproof sheet that is placed next to the masonry wall to prevent damp penetrating..


Bachelors degree in construction engineering and management.

Approved contractor for damp proofing and timber treatments with over 30 years experience with in this sector